Saturday, October 11, 2014


So something interesting happened a little earlier this week.
Wanna know what?
Of course you do!

I announced I'd be releasing a new MC series titled: Savage Saints!
 Book one is titled KICK and follows the story of the lovable, yet extremely damaged, Daniel Johnson A.K.A KICK who we met very briefly in Welcome to Sugartown, and got to know--or who we thought we'd gotten to know--in Greetings From Sugartown.

KICK should be on e-readers and in paperback sometime in the New Year. There will be a cover reveal soon, I'll post the sign up here and on my facebook page
but in the meantime you can read the blurb now:

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Excited for more KICK?
Be a doll and let me know below.

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  1. My friend and I was just talking about how we would love if kick had a book.... now we can't wait!!!! So excited!!!