Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Update ... update ... update!

First up I think I need a good hard spanking for not having posted before now. There's been many a multitude of things going on in Carmen Jenner Land and all of it has been as crazy as my hair colour.

First up this little baby was released

   And if you look to the sidebar on your right, you can find the purchase links for books one and two in the Sugartown series.

This little baby was announced and written

As was this
Okay, this one is not written yet, but it's on it's way! 

So, what the hell else has been keeping me from updating this site?
I'm so glad you asked.
In one word: Shenanigans!
Mostly shenanigans of the author/naughty housewife/mummy to two crazy kids variety, but some of the "lets throw 70 authors and a whole bunch of awesome fans in a room together and see what happens" variety.
In other words, Australia's first indie author signing,
Yes, yes, this post is only five months late, but you know, I have things to do ... and stuff ... Anywhoo, I honestly don't think I've ever had a more crazy, beautiful and downright depraved time as I did on the Gold Coast for this event.
I was fortunate to meet some of the authors who inspired me on a daily basis, some who I've chatted to briefly via facebook and others who I'd never had the chance to meet previously but due to the hard love, hurled insults and hashtags are more like family.
I met some pretty freaking awesome readers too!
Here's a little play by play of the events:

It all started with me hauling the 500 (or so) boxes, dresses, shoes, suitcases, books and swag into the lobby of the Outrigger. Where I was promptly met and appropriately insulted by Lola Stark and David Michael--don't panic, whore is a term of endearment where we kids come from. From there came playful hugs, hashtags and a whole world of laughs before we hopped in a taxi and headed off to ManPower with the lovely Simone Nicole
Pretty pouts with Simone Nicole

After a very strange elevator ride involving a couple beautiful readers and an incident with Lola letting her inner Domme lose, we headed up to event organiser Jess from A is for Alpha B is for Books' hotel room for an impromptu party, where I got to chat to one of my fave Aussie bloggers, Kylie from Give Me Books . After several more hours of cuddles and shenanigans, we said goodnight to Thursday.
Friday brought us shopping and an awesome author dinner, where I crash-tackled Abbi Glines, poor unsuspecting Abbi, and hugged, laughed and carried on like a lunatic with some of Australia's finest authors, and some wonderful editors too.
(LtoR) Gorgeous Velvet Reed, Me, lovely Becky Johnson of Hot Tree Editing and the very Sexy Miss Jennifer Ryder
Fastforward to drinks, midnight and Carmen's swag sweatshop! I owe these girls big time for helping me box up all that Sugartown candy!!
(L to R) Lovely Lila Rose (I adore this woman), funsized Lola Stark, beautiful Becky Johnson aka the best helper ever and delicious David Michael

Fast forward to the big day! After rolling out of bed LATE!!!!
We threw ourselves together and hurried downstairs for breakfast. I sat through speeches from keynote speakers, Abbi Glines and Jessica Shirvington. And boy do I wish I had those recorded because I was so nervous I still have no idea what was said.
Then it was on to the event room to set up the signing! Jessica Shirvington stopped by my table to talk about Sugartown. Again, couldn't really tell you much of what happened here because I was a bundle of nervous energy and three seconds away from screaming at her to find me a bottle of vodka and a cigarette--for the record, I don't smoke and I'm not a huge drinker, as evident later that night when we slunk away from the after party and began doing cartwheels on the beach. It was a Julie Fucking Andrews moment people and I finished it by face-planting in the sand! And no, I don't have a picture of that! Thank the Lawd! ;) 

The signing was absolutely beyond my wildest dreams huge!!!
Getting to meet readers who'd loved and identified with my books? I gotta be honest, there isn't a feeling like it in the world!
Thank you to everyone who came by my table, purchased signed copies and Sugartown merch and told me how much you loved the books. You guys are the reason I do this and without you, there would be no Sugartown!

So that was the play by play of my first signing, there's a tonne of other things that happened that I haven't mentioned, we'd be here all day if I did. There's also a tonne of shenanigans that have happened in the last five months since the GC, I'll fill you in on ALL THE THINGS shortly, namely a HUGE US adventure that saw me finally getting to meet my best friend, some of my fabulous Street Team members the Sugar Junkies, and many many authors that I love, idolize and look up to (read: fangirl over). 

The greatest editor in all the land Lauren McKellar, or McStellar, as she's known to her clients!! Words cannot express just how much I love this woman!!

Stay classy peeps
 because god knows I can't be relied upon to do it!

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