Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Belated Release Day To Me!

So, you might have gathered from the title of this post that my book baby Welcome to Sugartown has been unleashed on the world!
WtS was released yesterday, November 3rd, and is currently on the e-readers of more people than I ever imagined would get to read my debut novel and I couldn't be happier.
OK, well I probably could be happier if my main character miraculously came to life and swept me away on his Moto Guzzi ... yeah, still not real.

Anywhoo, there's been a lot of questions floating my way today, namely where can we buy it, when can we buy book two, will book two be Holly and Jackson's story, and where the hell is Sugartown? Cause I looked at a map of Australia and I can't find it anywhere!

But first things first, you might have noticed Welcome to Sugartown is looking a little different these days. No, you're blind, seeing things or crazy (actually, I don't know about that last one, you're still reading this post and I'm damn near certifiable, so what does that say about you?) but yes, she did have a makeover.
Incredible cover designer, videographer and amazing author in her own right Miss Frankie Rose came to my rescue last week when the proof of my book came back from the publisher looking like someone on an acid trip had thrown up all over it.
So after just a few short hours (which Frankie would probably call the longest, godforsaken hours of her life) she delivered this baby into my eager little hands

I couldn't be happier!!!
Of course, with a new cover comes great responsibilty ... er .. trailer, a bright and shiny new trailer

So, back to those all important questions:
You can purchase Welcome to Sugartown from the following places:

Paperbacks will be available from Amazon in the coming weeks!

Book two hasn't been written just yet, but I can tell you I'm setting a tentative release date for early 2014 and YES, WE'RE GOING BACK TO SUGARTOWN AND IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT HOLLY AND JACKSON!
Oh, and for the record, Sugartown does not technically exist, at least not outside my head anyway! ;)


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  1. YIPPPIEH! I know I've got an ARC of this an posted the review on release day yesterday, I was still looking forward to squeal because it's finally out there. You made it, girl! The new cover has some good and some bad, but I'm way more importantly here to poke and prod about book two! I want to see Jackson and Holly action, LOTS! So get your Aussie butt in gear and write! ^^ LOVE YA