Monday, September 23, 2013

Books and ... er ... stuff!

Hello Lovelies.
There's a few very important things happening this week that you all might be interested in. And because I'm a completely neurotic, excitable, emotional mess at the moment, I thought it was only right to deliver my extremely important news with images of the Winchesters that make me happy.
 If you happen to be one of the visitors to this site who is not actually interested in reading this scintillating blogpost, then simply feel free to stare at the Winchester boys below. There's no judgement here. 

Number #1 Exciting Thing Happening This Week
Welcome to Sugartown is currently being formatted!!!!! 
Say what???

You know what that means? As soon as the formatting is complete ARCs will be delivered into your hot little hands!
Thank you to everyone who requested ARCs! All 53 of you! I've been completely blown away by the number of bloggers wanting to get their pretty little grubbies on this book.
I'm both humbled and floored, so THANK YOU!

Number #2 Exciting Thing Happening This Week 
Welcome to Sugartown gets a book trailer!

Xpresso Book Tours will be hosting the trailer reveal for Welcome to Sugartown on Wednesday 25th of September, and I would love for you guys to be involved! So if you like tattooed hotties and dramarama out the wazoo--and yes, I am promising all that with just a book trailer--you can sign up for the reveal here!

Number #3 Exciting Thing NOT Happening This Week, But Is Exciting All The Same
The lovely girls, Jessica and Rachel, at BookSlapped will be hosting the Welcome to Sugartown Release Week Events beginning November 3. If you'd like to take part please email them at

Number #4 Exciting Thing Also NOT Happening This Week, But Is Exciting All The Same
Those sweethearts over at Good Choice Reading Book Tours will be hosting the blog tour for Welcome to Sugartown from November 25 - 29. If you'd like to sign up please email at or visit their page to become a tour host.

Did you know that Welcome to Sugartown has it's own web page where you can download freebies and printables?

With all of that out of the way there's really only one thing left to say

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  1. You know, sweety, all in all, I can tell you: I love your Winchester referals/gifs x)
    Happy for you over here, and exciting to get my hands on your book for the tour! =)