Friday, February 8, 2013

Feature & Follow #11

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Q: Happy Mardi Gras! If they were throwing the HOTTEST books off of a Mardi Gras float what would you do to have them throw to you?

Well, the obvious answer would be to dance Nekkid!
But . . .
there are parts of the human anatomy that really, really do not need to be flapping in the breeze. REALLY!

So . . . I thought long and hard about this and here are the two logical answers I came up with:

I'd probably stack up on cats and carry them around in a sack, just waiting for the right moment to hurl them at the unsuspecting crowd. Of course, PETA would more than likely come to the aid of those kitty cats - they have spies everywhere, you know? And thank goodness with plans like this! - and I'd more than likely wind up in jail. 

My other idea was to dress my children as Zombies, put them on a leash a la' Michonne style, sit back and watch the crowd scatter. Of course, that might see the good people of  Child Protective Services arresting me for child exploitation and neglect.
Either way it looks like I'll be seeing the inside of a jail cell, but at least I'd have some good reading material to pass the time.  

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  1. Dang PETA and CPS always getting in the way of our fun! ;) Creative answer!

    New GFC follower!
    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland
    My FF

  2. Cats and zombies--awesome answers! :D My FFs are at LKHill or Musings on Fantasia. Happy Friday!

  3. You have built in slaves, haha! Now all I can see is you wielding a Katana with your children on leashes. :P

  4. I don't know, cats have a way of not being vicious demon monsters when you'd like them to be, only when you don't/..Never trust your plan to a cat. Happy Friday!
    Follow That Penguin

  5. Your answers are funny :)) Please don't do that, where would we be without your posts then? ;)

    Old follower :) My FF :)

    Happy weekend!

  6. Cats and zombies. You just put 2 of my favorite things together. How can I not follow you? via GFC. Have an awesome Friday. Here's my FF if you want to check it out. :)

  7. Haha, I really enjoyed your answer best so far!
    New follower!
    Megan @ BooksiView

  8. Interesting. I think that'd be very entertaining to watch. Better hope no one ends up in jail though. XD

    New follower via GFC!

    Here's our FF + super fun giveaway of Rachel Hartman's Seraphina!

  9. Sweetie you are too funny! Love your answers!