Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today marks the release of Fear: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror, which is kind of a big deal for me since it's my first publishing! So I'm giving you guys an extra special treat by posting another excerpt from my story
What Goes Around.

If you missed the first excerpt, posted over at my review site Book Me!
Be sure to hop on over and have a read, after you're done here, of course.

What Goes Around

Emmy has spent the last two years living like a caged animal. In her prison cell she counts down the hours until her next shower, her next meal, and how many hours until her boyfriend, turned jailer, returns home.

Until one day, he doesn't.

Emmy must devise a way to break out. But the world outside her cell is changing. Will she be prepared for what she finds on the outside?


I can hear them pressing up against the door, rasping moans 
and hisses through rotten vocal chords, fingernails clawing at the wood. It won’t be long before the door gives, or before the windows shatter beneath their weight.

Funny story about What Goes Around, in a way this short was written on a dare. I had seen Crooked Cat's call for submissions on facebook and thought, maybe I should push myself? Maybe working on the one novel for the last three years has turned me into a lazy, uninspired, mildly insane, worrywart who needs a good kick up the hiney in order to get her writing career off the ground? To which that lazy, uninspired, mildly insane voice inside my head replied, "Shut the hell up, lady! We've got enough to do!"
-Just a side note here, yes, I do frequently talk to the voices in my head. And yes, I am aware of how frightening that makes me sound. Feel free to slowly back away from your computer, now.

Fast forward two days and I'd been tearing my hair out with the stress of coming up with something to write - another side note, on an ordinary day I write, live and breathe Young Adult Fiction. A genre where there's not a whole lot of room for horror and you can only get away with swearing if you're willing to rant, scream and rave at your publisher, hence trying to think up the perfect adult story for my perfect teenage mindset - when I'd decided all bets were off. I wasn't going to write the story and I'd more than likely end up straight-jacketed and rocking back and forth in a corner of the psych ward, talking to the voices in my head.

But then I couldn't stop thinking about it, night and day the idea of this anthology consumed me. The Crooked Cat had more or less dared me to submit a story, right there on the facebook page! And, kids, when the only cat in publishing dares you to write a short story for a charity anthology with sixty of the worlds best Indie Horror writers, you damn well take up that challenge.

So that's the long, boring, and only mildly manic tale of how What Goes Around was created. If you enjoyed reading these snippets then    
you can purchase your copies of FEAR

Volume 1 here   and  Volume 2 here!

100% of the royalties from FEAR go to charities Barnardo's and MSF, so it's spooking for a good cause!

Don't forget to follow the FEAR Blog Tour closely for your chance to win an e-copy of FEAR, Volumes 1 and 2 + an Amazon voucher worth $50AUD.
We'll have author interviews, reviews and tonnes of other entertaining stuff, and word is that a certain Crooked Kitty will be joining me for an exclusive interview on the Book Me! couch.

I'd love to hear what you thought of the excerpt!
Leave me a comment below . . . if you're brave enough!

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