Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk 2012

 thanks for shambling on through to my stop on the Zombie walk.
Seeing as I like to fancy myself a writer, and I do enjoy the occasional plate of braiiiiiins, I thought I'd write a short story for this here little zombie hop.

So, without further procrastination, I give you . . . 

The Undead Revolution

And just in case you were wondering what these handsome boys looked like, here's a little Dreamcast of my band of merry men:

Francisco Lachowski as Flint
So technically Francisco is a model, of the super persuasion, I believe. But he was just perfect in every way for Flint.
This picture even seems to sum up that potty-mouthed bad boy to a tee.   

Cameron Monaghan as New Kid
Flint and New Kid actually share a lot of the same personality traits. Sure, New Kid might not cuss the way Flint does (but who does, right?) and he's invariably shy, but he's smart and willing to do what it takes to survive outside the fence. New Kid is a lot like Flint, only a little less world weary.

Jeremy Renner as Rosso
Jeremy makes a perfect Rosso. He has that gun-toting redneck thing down pat.


Jacob Wysocki as Chubs   
Though he doesn't feature prominently in TUR, except to repeat the one sentence over and over, Chubs is the big ole teddy bear that more than likely wouldn't survive to long in a world overrun with chompy things. Don't you just wanna hug him?  

Tom Felton as Rooster
Sadly this young goofball gets the chomp before we really get a peek at his personality, but Rooster is that guy in high school that laughed a little too loudly at his own jokes, you know the one? The class clown whose name no one can really remember.

Taylor Momsen as Dead Girl
Well, this one's pretty self explanatory. I thought Momsen made the perfect zombie, with those terrible extensions, the panda eyes and her waif-like frame it's actually pretty difficult to find a picture of her where she doesn't look like she's jonesing for a decent meal . Grrrr-arrrrrgh.

Zombie Cutie

Well, thanks for shambling on through.
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  1. Bah!! I loved that!!! Why have you not been writing for like ever? You rock! The dreamcast also rocks, btw!

    1. Thanks, my sweet, I'm so glad you liked it! You know how much I trust your opinion, so I'm over the moon right now!!! =D

  2. Good to meet you and thanks for coming by! Hey cool idea and the story sounds great! You putting it on Kindle? Good luck! Coming 2013: GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

    1. No, no plans for Kindle, just something I whipped up for the walk! Though Flint seems to be taking up an awful lot of space in my head right now, so we may just see more of him yet! =D

  3. That was great! That gadget is really cool too. And the fact that you cast it too was a brilliant move.

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! =D

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Adsila, I'm glad you liked it!! =D

  5. Oh so not something to read over dinner. LOL. Nice job Carmen :)

    1. Ha ha, I hope I didn't ruin your appetite! That's what you get for eating and shuffling ;)

  6. Thanks everyone! I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did writing it! =D

  7. Replies
    1. Thank ya, Darlin'! That means a lot coming from one of my all time favourite authors!!!! =D

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by. I admit I was disappointed with the Virtual Zombie Walk as I only received 4 responses after posting on 50. I think it's the worst blog hop I ever participated in.