Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shameless, Shameless Self Promotion!

I'm Carmen Jenner, author extraordinaire!
At some point this site should have some really important information about me, what I write, and where you can purchase a copy of my books.
For now, well, it's a rather dismal excuse for a blog, really . . . but, oh!
Hey look!
Here's a book that my short story "What Goes Around" will be appearing in:

Purdy, isn't it? 
Fear will be released through  Crooked Cat Publishing  on October 3, 2012!

All the proceeds go to charities:

The Anthology will be available in both e-format and paperback POD through Crooked Cat, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the itunes BookStore!
So there's really no excuse for you to not purchase a copy!


  1. Lovely site!!! I think the anthology looks amazing and I'll be getting my copy on the day of release!!! :-) Well done, Carmen x

  2. Hi sweetie. New follower here now. OMG... I am so happy for you that is awesome. I am not a thriller kind of gal (I scare to easy) but I am definetly buying it. That cover is freakin awesome.

  3. So pleased to be in Fear with you, Carmen :) LOVE the little pink book mouse arrow...freaked me out for a minute! :) Best of luck! :)